While you might think that Facebook is old news these days – that’s simply not the case when it comes to marketing reach.

There might be newer social media platforms that are getting talked about more and seemingly taking up the headlines – but Facebook is still the biggest.

In this article, we’re going to look at why Facebook is still the best choice when choosing a platform to not only advertise on, but also target your organic social media marketing efforts.

Nothing beats the reach of Facebook

Let’s face it – Facebook is huge. Insta or Snapchat might be more popular with young people now – but Facebook still has the biggest reach and the most users.

This can’t be avoided. There are still over 2 billion monthly users on Facebook (source) – and you can’t argue with that.

Not only does it have the most users – it has the most reach. That means you can get to older people as well as people from different background more easily with the right Facebook ad campaign.

Snapchat might be popular in the west – but the west isn’t everything. Facebook is simply bigger in more places than any other platform.

It’s also got high usage for both men and women – which not every platform can compare to.

While some of those other social media networks might be right for a super-specific product that’s aimed at a particular market – Facebook is still the best for broad appeal.

How to use Facebook for a successful organic marketing campaign

While Facebook is still a great choice for paid ads – a lot more businesses are starting to look at social media as a way to grow their brand organically.

This is especially a good idea if you’re a new business who simply can’t afford much of a paid ad campaign.

The best thing about social media platforms like Facebook is that you can grow your brand reach on the cheap if you run a successful and engaging profile.

Social media platforms offer unrivalled communication options with both existing and potential customers. If you can offer value to people, you should see your message spread – so don’t take your followers for granted.

Every time someone “likes” a post of yours – they’ll not only be putting their name to your brand, they’ll also be telling all their friends about you.

This sort of marketing reach was previously unheard of, and it’s a good reason why an effective social media presence can actually get your followers to do the marketing legwork for you (for free).

So how do you get a Facebook presence that spreads and grows your business?

Offer value to your followers. Don’t take them for granted.

Firstly – listen to their ideas and communicate effectively. If someone voices a complaint – deal with it quickly and generously. This says a lot about you and your business. You want people to be talking about your positively.

Try offering exclusive contests and offers to your followers – don’t simply take them for granted and advertise at them. Show them a personal touch, or upload a video letting them into your business (or behind the scenes).

Run interactive competitions and launch new products exclusively. If you’re running a sale, let your followers know first (or give them exclusive special offers).

You can even start using Facebook live to take things to the next level and offer a new standard of interactivity.

Another important thing you need to do to make the most of social media platforms like Facebook is to make sure normal visitors to your business know about your social presence.

Don’t make them guess – make them sure. Put up posters inside your premises, print your social addresses on receipts and make sure your staff are always reminding people how to follow you.

While you want your Facebook following to grow ON Facebook, you also want to let as many people know about it as possible who come to your through other means. Then you could really start to see things snowball.

Hopefully, you’ve now seen how Facebook is still a great option for both advertising campaigns and viral marketing efforts.

About the author

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