How to Get More Clients by Using Chatbots and Messenger Marketing

What is Messenger Marketing?

Messenger Marketing uses the Facebook chat app Messenger to set up automated processes that will help you get more customers and make your current customers visit you again.
It’s all about the experience you can give to make your business stand out from the rest.

Chatbot automation

Here are just few options how you could use messenger marketing in your business.

1. Set up automatic responses on your Facebook page so you will never miss anyone interested in visiting your business. Automated chat bot will present your business options and reply to common questions.

2. If you actively run your Facebook page, chat bot can reply to people commenting under your posts to engage them and present them special offers

3. Get more customers through Facebook advertising by creating campaigns connected with your messenger. This way you will get leads directly to your messenger and with the help of chatbot you can qualify them

We’ve Got You Covered

Build Confidence and Trust

53% of people are more likely to shop with a business they can message directly.

Reach your Audience at Scale

Messenger already has over one billion monthly active users and is showing no signs of slowing down.


Get 80% Open Rates

Build Messenger lists (just like an email list) and send broadcasts to your followers.

Increase Enquiries

Use Messenger on your website and in your adverts to encourage potential customers to make enquiries.


Save Time and Money

Build automated responses to deal with customers, pre-qualify leads and drive sales.

What Our Clients Say


Automate Your Customer Care & Acquisition

Smart Messenger Chatbot

£99 / month + £299 Set up FREE

How this chatbot will help your business:

  • Improve customer service
  • Maximize your response rate and response time
  • Increase efficiency and sales
  • Grow your brand awareness
  • Free your time to concentrate on other tasks

What’s included:

  • Facebook page chatbot set up
  • 20 Conversation Steps
  • Conversation Script
  • Flow Design
  • 1 Messaging Platform
  • Email & phone integration
  • Monthly Chatbot maintenance

Fully Maintained Facebook Advertisement and Advance Lead Generating Chatbot

£499 / month + £699 Set up FREE

Benefits of getting the All-in-One campaign:

  • Everything that our Chatbot offer provides
  • Target your ideal customers
  • Drive traffic to your chosen pages
  • Pre-qualify your leads before you even talk to them
  • Set up appointments automatically
  • Make your business grow on autopilot

What’s included:

  • Facebook page chatbot set up
  • Market research to target ideal leads for your business
  • Facebook advertisement campaign set up
  • 60 Conversation Steps in the lead generating Chatbot
  • Conversation Script
  • Flow Design
  • 1 Messaging Platform
  • Email & phone integration
  • Lead delivery automation
  • Action Plan



I don't know much about Chatbots. Can you guide me?

Chatbots are a relatively new concept and most people don’t exactly know how they work. I will help you visualize how a Chatbot can be integrated with your existing business model and how can it help you sell more.

I just want to discuss my project. Can we talk?

Yes. You can contact us directly and we can discuss your project. I can help you understand your requirements and we can brainstorm ideas on what to implement in the Chatbot. All this discussion will be FREE. It also helps me understand client requirements so it is a win-win situation

Can I send mass messages (like I send emails to my email list) via Facebook Chatbot?

Yes. This is one of the main features of a Chatbot. It is called a broadcast. Once someone interacts with your Chatbot, he/she becomes your subscriber and you can send a mass message (broadcast) to all your subscribers with just a single click. A broadcast is as easy as a normal e-mail to send.

Can I edit and make changes to my Chatbot after the project?

Yes. I use manychat dashboard to develop all the Chatbots. Manychat is a platform which provides easy to manage dashboard to manage & update your Chatbot. The platform is so simple to use that you don’t need any special skills. I will give you an overview, if required, at the end of the project.

Will the Chatbot be connected to my Facebook page?

Yes. Your Chatbot will be connected to your business Facebook page and will respond to people who normally reach out to you via your page inbox. It will be like your digital assistant, who never sleeps due to which you will see a high engagement rate and customer satisfaction.

Can the Chatbot be connected to my website?

Yes. Once a chatbot is implemented and connected to your Facebook page, it can also be integrated via an API integration to your Website. For most websites on WordPress & Shopify & other popular platforms, the implementation is a straightforward process. The integration requires custom coding.


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