Website Design

Modern websites filled with positive User Experience

Clear & clean designs

Ensure visitors are not confused with a clear and easy to use design

Responsive website

Mobile usage is huge today, so websites are built with this in mind

User experience (UX)

Your website will be clear and align with the needs of your visitors

A modern UX website for turning visitors into customers

A website can be incredibly easy or incredibly difficult for your visitors to use.

If your site is effective, visitors will turn into leads, creating new opportunities. By understanding the needs of your visitors, we create a perfect journey through your site, allowing them to find the content that’s important to making a decision to make contact.

ux website design

Take time to get to know your business in detail

We take the time to get to know your business and customers in details, plus how you stand out from the crowd. This helps us represent you.

Setting the visual style for your brand

We work with you over a number of revisions to ensure that your site visually is correct for the image your business wants to convey, leading to more of the right customers.

Clean, clear & visually appealing design

We design a website that is clean, clear and easy to use so visitors won’t be confused and more are likely to get in touch and turn into customers.

Effective headings and site structure

We pay great attention to effective headings, plus page and site structure, to ensure that visitors flow through your site with ease and receive your messages.

Modern websites filled with positive User Experience

1. Designing a structure to help visitors

Many websites suffer from a poor structure, leading to confused visitors who don’t know where to look for information.

By carefully designing a structure, the website is aligned with the visitors needs, ensuring that they feel they always know where to look.

In addition, the key content on each page can be devised before any visual design starts, leading to a more successful website which truly meets modern visitor expectations.

great website structure

2. “Information hierarchy” limits overwhelm

The relative sizes of text, and their colours, ensures visitors don’t become overwhelmed with a “huge wall of text” to plough through.

A usable website needs to make finding the information quick and effortless.

Information hierarchy can help by using different relative sizes, weights & colours to help visitors understand what’s important to read as they navigate a site, while allowing them to ignore elements which aren’t relevant to them at that stage.

responsive design

3. Headings lead visitors to information

Headings should be used to draw attention to key messages, as well as give useful skimmable information.

Much to the annoyance of copywriters, visitors skim read websites.

They look for words that align with the next action they think they want to take. Visitor eye tracking has shown this time and time again.

Headings should meet the needs of users, and catch their attention at the right time during their journey.

create proper headings

Website Creation Services:

This package is customized for each customer but always includes:

1. 6-10 Page Website Design that includes:

    • Homepage
    • About Us page
    • Contact form
    • Services / Portfolio page
    • Legal pages (Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions)
    • Blog page

2. SEO Optimized Content based on keyword research and information provided by the client:

    • Keyword research
    • Competition/market research
    • Content creation
    • Content publishing for contracted pages

3. All website’s elements are SEO optimized (prepared to rank in Google)

    • Titles
    • Headings
    • Content
    • Images
    • Meta titles and descriptions
    • Installed SEO tools and plugins

4. FREE 1 Year Hosting with (RPP $300/year) that includes:

    • Unlimited Storage
    • Unlimited Bandwith
    • Unlimited Emails
    • Unlimited Database

5. Also included in the offer:

    • Google Analytics Setup
    • Google Search Console Setup

6. Google Map integration (for local businesses)

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